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The focus is on primary schools in the next five years. There is a sense of building at least five schools if possible that provide free service facilities.


There is a feeling that the appropriate literature on this subject should be prepared by expert doctors and presented in simple language.


The goal is to provide at least five lakh sanitary pads free of cost to women and children in rural areas in the next five years. Babies studying in government schools from Std. 8 to 12 have the spirit of reaching out to them through the school as well as women through Sakhi Mandal or Anganwadi sisters, Asha workers etc. 


According to the tradition of our saints, the organization aims to pay special attention to basic needs like food for the hungry and water for the thirsty.Some activities to maintain social balance, especially during festivals, distribution of sweets, farsanas, dry snacks, chikki, golpapadi, kite mamara laddu to the children of weaker sections on Janmashtami.