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Of the common people, for the common people, by the common men

Usually after reading the above title one is line to believe that this will be a trust for some religious work but it is not. This is a trust created with a spirit of service and will work for the betterment of the society.It will be necessary to clarify the meaning of the word “Prabhu” here. The word “Prabhu” broadly means God, but here we are talking about the Lord whose son I am. Here in Prabhu the words “Pra” are used for my heartfelt mother “Pramila Ben” and “Bhu” for my heartfelt father “Bhupat Bhai”. Who are also my parents and also God.

“Prabhu” Seva Charitable Trust for a common man and There is a trust run by them. A large section of the society has been ruined due to the pandemic of this corona. People have lost their lives.But the collapsed business has also robbed them of their livelihood. There is an atmosphere of despair all around the society. Nowhere is work a business. At present, a large section of the society is facing the question of its basic needs.