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There is a time to go among them in such circumstances, to treat them with love, to be as helpful as possible. Without giving them any kind of speech, helping them as much as possible can be the only task for all of us – I have created this trust with such a noble spirit of yours and trust. And this may be the purpose of the trust forever.This trust has been created with the noble spirit of standing by the victims-deprived-needy class without any caste discrimination, standing by their side without hurting their self-esteem.
The trust wants no one to be deprived of education due to lack of money, no one to go to bed hungry without food, no one to suffer without treatment, no medicine to be found. Clothes are available, warm clothes are available in winter – this can only happen in the primary stage so the purpose of the trust is achieved.
This is a great work and can be done for a particular person or organization only when you have the cooperation, affection and help of all intelligent people. There are a series of questions – malnourished children, pregnant women, young people who can’t come forward despite their talents as mentioned earlier, etc.There is a spirit of cooperation with all of you as much work as possible on these issues. Many issues seem to be solved with proper understanding, knowledge. Issues like hygiene, social awareness, understanding about health etc. need to be taken up among them. Mahabhagirath work on menstruation is also intended to be taken up by the organization.